Meet Ashley 


Hey friends!

  My name is Ashley Dekkers and I'm the lady behind the camera! Here's a quick list of things that will help you get to know me! 

  1.  I'm from rural Hawarden, IA. 

  2.  Jesus, family, friends, work. In that order. 

  3.  I'm a twin! 

  4.  I have been a cosmetologist for almost 15 years now!

  5.  If you're into enneagrams... I'm a 7w8... which basically means I have severe FOMO, I love being around people, I stay positive and love events (concerts, baseball games, basically anything that requires a ticket).

  6.  I love sunsets.

  7.  Travelling is a must.

  8.  I love photography. I think I have my whole life.  

  9.  I'm very nostalgic. I think that's why I'm so obsessed with this job.  Don't make me get up on my soap box and preach about why photos mean so much.  

  10.  I love buying clothes (I have a full closet to prove it). But you'll almost always find me in a t-shirt and jeans.

  11.  If I could be barefoot or in a pair of birks for the rest of my life... I'd be so happy.

  12. Here's my pup Roger! He's the best! (And much bigger now!)

  Now you know a little about me... shoot me a message so I can get to know you!